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How does it work?

We understand you may be confused or cautious of how it could be so easy to win real cheques online, which is why we have produced a quick tutorial on how it works and how you can bid. You can look at this tutorial here.

If you still have questions you can get in touch us here on our contact page. You can read up on our terms and conditions and view our privacy policy too.

The short story?

Simply put, we offer up cheques of varying amounts online on this very site. Our loyal audience place bids for their chance to win, by purchasing them from our store and entering the draw. The countdown then begins randomly after a good number of bids, and after the countdown reaches zero, a winner is randomly picked by our system!

Yes, it’s that simple. So go ahead and get bidding!

To start, you’re going to need some auction tickets, which allow you to bid on your cheques.

To do this, head over to our store and buy as many tickets as you would like!

You’ve got to be in it to win it! Be sure to place your bids into a bid pool every chance you get. By committing tickets to a draw, you secure yourself a place.

Play more, win more.

You might just end up winning the grand prize!

If you have, congrats! We will be in touch in no time, if not, not to worry! You will still receive a random value cheque as thanks!

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