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Cheque Bid is an online site that auctions cheques of all values for you to win! We have a vision of a fair site that changes the online bidding game completely. What sets us apart from other services online?

Well, even if you lose the draw, we still send out cheques to those that took part - it could be you.

With a bold vision of creating a new online trend, Cheque Bid aim to allow people new opportunities to win money, easily. Multiple cheques up for auction allows our users to have plenty of opportunity to win.

  • Our Mission.
  • How we work.
  • What's the plan?

We believe in philanthropic business. At Cheque Bid, we want all of our users to receive an equal opportunity of winning big time. We don't like the idea of cruel chance-games, which is why we send out cheques of a random sum to all that take part in our draws. It may not be a big win, but it's something - as our way of thanks! 

Our mission is to provide those across the nation and the globe with plenty of fair and honest opportunity to win money on our site. Our biggest mission: For all of our users to leave happy! 🙂

Dying to know how or why we do this? 

It's no secret - we like to be transparent here at Cheque Bid. We fund our cheques primarily through ticket sales and investors.  

No tricks or nasty surprises here!

What's our plan?

We hope that our users enjoy the site, and find something to gain from our service, in the mean time, we plan to expand on our site, and offer up bigger and better cheques as we progress.

Remember; we focus on offering an opportunity for people to win big, so we put our all into the draws for you!


Below we have compiled some of our most common questions for you. If you do not see your question below. Get in touch here to ask one of the team.

In order to receive any cheques you win or are given by us, we must have your postage information, to do this, you must hold an account with us. It's as simple as that! Don't worry, we only use your account information to send you cheques, nothing more! You can read more on our privacy policy here.

If you are a lucky winner of one of our cheques, we will be in contact after your name is drawn, to confirm your address and your winnings. If you fail to respond within 72 Hours, we will automatically have our algorithm pick another winner, this is just to balance out our audience winnings, and to ensure the draw is fair and our audience is active! 

We will always send you confirmation emails of once you win, and once your cheque is posted and on the way. So watch your emails if you enter!

We understand that today's biggest question is often of personal data security. We take these matters very seriously at Cheque Bid, and set in place our banking-standard security, with 256-bit encryption, SSL certificates, and a secure platform, plus so many other precautions, that we are confident your data is secured to the best of our abilities. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please report them to us here. You can also read up on our privacy policy here.

In order to win one of our draws, you must enter the draw using our on-site currency - tickets.

These must be bought from our store, which is the primary method we use to fund our cheque launches!

Once you enter the draw, and the countdown ends, our super-smart algorithm will randomly (and we mean randomly) draw a winner, and that's it - no tricks or traps, if your name is drawn, you win the cheque. Yay!


How to use our service.

1. Create an Account.

To begin, you will have to create an account with us. This is just so you can enter the cheque draws, and so that we have some information to contact you with should we need to. We would also recommend subscribing to our newsletter in order to stay updated for information and promotions.

2. Purchase Tickets.

Once you have an account created, you will need auction tickets to be able to bid on cheques. These are our on-site currency and can be purchased from our store for as little as £0.99! Tickets go straight to your account and can be used in redemption for one name in the prize draw.

3. Choose a Cheque.

After you have some tickets to your name, or virtual name anyway, you can choose a cheque of your choice to bid on. Remember that different cheques require different minimum ticket amounts to bid. Because of this, we recommend you start off with a small cheque such as the £100 or £200, just to get comfortable! Once chosen from our “Bid Now” page, you can assign the tickets and commit them to a pool.

4. Wait to see who wins.

Could it be you? It certainly could. 

Give it some time until the countdown ends (the countdown normally starts once a good amount of bids are entered). Once the countdown ends, if you win, you will be automatically notified by email, and asked to confirm. The winning username is displayed at the top of the pool. 

5. Watch your post!

Once a winner is drawn, the cheques are usually sent out within 3 working days, first class with Royal Mail. Make sure to keep an eye out even if you didn’t win, as even those who didn’t still receive a random sum as a cheque, as our way of thanks! This is what we stand for, as we like to give back. It may not be what you spent (or maybe it will!), but it’s something – right?

And repeat!

That’s it, 5 steps. Simple, right?

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